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Welcome to the new home of  Moose Alley Riders ATV Club

April 18th

We will be having a work party this Saturday at 9am probably work until about 1. We will meet at griswolds country store and diner in Solon. If you have chainsaw, clippers, weed Wacker with a cutting head it would be much appreciated. If you dont just hands to throw brush and cut up trees. Alot of the area we will focus on are areas I haven't been able to put eyes on as there are downed trees and washouts. Any and all help is much appreciated to get a jump on our heavily damaged trail system. Thanks and reach out with any questions.

April 14th

Ramping up for an awesome atv season!!! The last couple of days we have been walking the trails and assessing the damages since last fall and its not great. Let's get the bad out of the way and focus on the positive!! I won't bore you with the hundreds of downed trees and washouts. If the weather stays rain free we will get together next weekend and cut trees to get in to assess the trails. "Work party this coming weekend" weather permitting. Failure is not an option and as you can see we are dealing with some areas not being snow covered and some of the higher elevation having significant snow still. Please understand that within our trail system we have areas that have had no snow for a couple weeks and some that have 16-18 inches of snow in areas. Which means that just because your yard has been free and clear of snow, we are still dealing with snow melt and frost leaving the ground. We are not close to opening!! We need your help clearing trees and debris from the area before we can even assess ditching, excavator work, or washouts. Mother nature has not been nice to the riding community. If you can help please follow us as we will be scheduling work parties.

April 13th

First meeting of the year was a success. Our officers are now: President Mallory Newton- Vice president Trina Waterman- Treasurer Larry Mcneil- Secretary Rhonda Pottle- Membership-Nancy Mcneil -Trailmaster Scott Robertson- Board of directors Chris Martin- Jeff Waddel- Pete Hunter. We have 3 glow rides scheduled for this year along with a scavenger hunt for events planned. We will also be moving forward with the building of a club house for Moose alley and valley riders. Stay tuned as the weather gets better and upcoming work parties to get the trails open for the season.

March 8th

Things are starting to thaw and spring is in the air. We have started mailing out membership forms if you are a new member reach out and we can get you one in the mail. Big thanks to Bill today for closing up some of the gates and keep your fingers crossed we have a nice dry spring and can get working on the trails from all the heavy rain damage. We have alot of work to do.

July 25th

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the loss of our beloved trail master Scott Newton. Anybody that had the privilege of knowing Scott knew what he meant not only in the atv world but life in general. He was a loving caring soul that loved his family, friends, and community. We lost a great person and we will never be able to fill his shoes in the capacity as the trail master. We pray for his family and ask that you please share your best photo of Scott or with Scott to the club page. Look after the club and guide us until we meet again

Please look around and consider joining the club.

Keep your head lights on at all times. 

Remember to ride right and ride safe!

Please Respect the Landowners - without them we would have no place to ride.

Follow us on Facebook for group ride, club meeting and trail condition information

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