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3rd Annual Poker Run  Saturday, July 31st 2021   9am EDT

Now that Covid has quieted down we can get back to normal! After having to reschedule last year we are pumped to announce that we are having another poker run.

The plan will be to have at least 5 stops and possibly 7. The ride will not take the whole 8hrs allowing plenty of participants to take part in the festivities. You will be able to sign up for as many hands as you want to play the day of the event at any of the destinations. You do not have to start or go in any particular order but will need to turn in you hand at 201 PowerSports no later than 5pm, and registration will cut off at 11am.

If you have friends that want to join but don't have an ATV they have a few options. Ride with you, take their vehicle or rent from 201 PowerSports at a discounted rate to support the club.

Hands will go for a $10 donation per hand. All proceeds will benefit the Moose Alley Riders ATV Club to help maintain our trails and landowner relations. Prizes will be dependent on donations but will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. There will be no wild cards and you do not need to know how to play poker to take part in the run. Lastly, you will have the opportunity yo purchase one substitute card per hand for $2 a card at 201 PowerSports before handing in your hand but do not have to.

At 6pm we will start the BBQ and Pig Roast which we are also asking a $10 donation for which will include salads and drinks and a vegetarian option....and we will do our best to provide a gluten free option, so please offer your suggestions for that.

At 7pm we will announce the winners of the poker run and 50/50 raffles and hand out the prizes which you will not have to be present for to win.

After that, weather permitting we will also host a bonfire to enjoy while the fireworks from Bingham days will be happening across the street. Finally as offered before, folks are welcome to camp out in our field for the evening I'd they would like, but there will be no power, water, or fires allowed, but we will be paying for a porter potty for the event.

Central Maine ATV Club - Fairfield


Been getting asked about the rail bed project a lot lately, time for an update, although there is not a lot to report. The latest and greatest is that PanAm has FILED the proper paperwork to abandon the tracks to the federal government, who in turn have to process said paperwork to formally allow the land to be sold. This part can still take months, so stay tuned.

Background for those who are not familiar. The state is in the process of purchasing approximately 25 miles of railbed from PanAm that is no longer used that stretches between Oakland and up through to North Anson following the Kennebec River pretty closely through Fairfield, Norridgewock, Madison. It has been "in the works" for over two years now. The state has agreed to pay $1 million and would then turn it into the next big rail trail. This rail trail would connect the Messalonskee Trail Riders ATV Club - Oakland, Central Maine ATV Club - Fairfield to the Madison - Anson ATV Club and beyond. The plan is to use the Powerlines from Embden up to Bingham which is another 14 miles give or take.

This would open our trail system up to the rest of the state and allow us to boogie up north anytime from right here! Currently the rail trail would stop shy of the town of Oakland due to the proximity of the schools to the railbed. Would be nice to get all the way into Oakland, but we will take what we can get.

The state plans to work this project from north to south, so this is still going to be a while. A reminder that these railbeds are all still the property of PanAm/CSX and therefore are still protected by the Federal Government and subject to all penalties related to trespassing on federal property.

Keep your fingers crossed this all goes through!

Douglas Dickinson, trailmaster CMATV Club

Please look around and consider joining the club.

Keep your head lights on at all times. 

Remember to ride right and ride safe!

Please Respect the Landowners - without them we would have no place to ride.

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