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Welcome to the new home of  Moose Alley Riders ATV Club


May 24th 2023

Again trails will be open Friday afternoon....NOT FRIDAY MORNING!

And as a reminder every club still has sections they had to hold off open for one reason or another. Please obey all the signage and have a fun safe weekend. As of right now there is no direct access to the Forks. No access to Pleasant Ridge from Bert Berry Rd in Embden until a major bridge repair is completed. if you see a closed sign IT MEANS TRAIL IS CLOSED. Be kind, be courteous, and police each other. We will be signing trails the next 2 days as well as applying dust control Thursday night.

April 10th 2023

ALL our trails are closed and will be through the month of May. We are anticipating opening weekend to be May 27th Memorial Weekend.

We have not been given maps from WY yet on what access we will and will not have for the year so information is quite limited at the moment.

Our first meeting is this Thursday in Solon at 6pm. More information is on our Events tab.

And NO....we have no idea where we are at with the railbed, so leave it alone. We will have access, that's all that matter so please, please don't start in on the issue. Be excited that the season is only 7 weeks away if everything melts off in the coming weeks and roads have time to dry out!

We are excited to see how our major trail improvements held up last season, but as you can see, one of them still has a 4 to 6in snow base on it. Thank you to the Kingsbury Off-Grid Groomers Snowmobile Club for making it a joint effort and Mainely Handrails LLC for constructing and powder coating the new gate. This landowner greatly appreciated everyone's effort!


Please look around and consider joining the club.

Keep your head lights on at all times. 

Remember to ride right and ride safe!

Please Respect the Landowners - without them we would have no place to ride.

Follow us on Facebook for group ride, club meeting and trail condition information

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