Current Trail Report

November 1, 2020

All Moose Alley Riders trails are closed for the season until next spring.

Thank you for a great season and all of your support! 


We are still looking for a new secretary if anyone is interested in helping out please let us know!

October 22, 2020

Trail closures are happening sooner than normal this season.

Currently our trail closure are west of the railbed, and the new trail from Griswolds to French Hill, other than the Forks trail which has been closed most of the season.

Abbott Explorers closed their trails this Monday 10/19 preventing access to Greenville, Abbott and Kingsbury, Athens Valley Riders are closing their trails this  Friday 10/23 in respect of youth hunting day.

Please respect clubs decisions to shut trails down as landowners are requesting.

Weyerhaeuser is closing all of their land as of 11/02/2020. Therefore, our entire system will be closed Sunday 11/1. Please feel free to contact 201 PowerSports for up to date information!

Please reference the updated map with hand drawn closures.


September 7, 2020

As of today for the next few weeks the Wintah Rd, which is the short rough stretch between the S-3 intersection of Frank Savage Rd. and the S-4 intersection at the Mahoney Hill Rd. 4 way, will be closed for repairs per Weyerhaeuser.

A temporary reroute has been approved to use the Pat Cassidy Rd. to Mahoney Hill Rd. to link back in the Mahoney Hill 4 way, as it does in the winter for ITS 84.

Please drive cautiously and slowly by our local home and camp owners on all of our trials and remember our trail system is a privilege not a right! Abuse it  and we will lose it!!!



August 1, 2020

Rocks and muddy spot on new bypass. A temporary fix was done today until we can get equipment in there and materials.





July 26, 2020

Well it's not perfect yet, but access to Abbot, Greenville and points beyond is now reopened!

  The Palmer Pond Rd is now open from Deadwater up to the Pond where you will now take a right instead of the New Hayden Rd. You will dump out at the substation behind tower 31 and 32 and only be able to head to the Abbot triangle.

Access to Kingsbury is still not open but can be accessed by taking the 2500 Rd to the 3000 Rd and then the Campbell Rd. But the only way to get back is back tracking or going another 6hrs through Harmony, Hartland and Athens!

We will be working on more signage and brushing the next couple of days.

Thank You so much to all that were able to make it yesterday to get this knocked out and thank you to the state for their use of equipment, as well as trail master Larry Daggett from Abbott who helped obtain the materials needed!






As of 8/11/19

We just received the following information from Weyerhauser.

  • The Chase Pond Road will remain closed for the rest of the ATV season

  • The New Hayden Pond/Palmer Pond Road will not need to be closed this ATV season, that operations will be delayed until late fall.

  • The gravel request (Deadwater) is on hold for this season as the funds are needed on the Sunshine Loop Road, shared with the snowmobile club.


We apologize to those of you who have come to our website looking for information regarding the trail openings and closures. We realize that not everyone is one Facebook which has been our go to for posting information. We will be sure to add the info here as well.

As of 5/17/2019

The below information has come straight from the state's forester. Please be patient!

It has been a long cold and very wet spring and the result are conditions that cannot allow us to open much of the ATV trail system.   As you can see from the e-mails below all the large landowners are in agreement that we should not open any of these trails because  of the wet conditions.   Please make sure you post this message on your Websites and Facebook pages so we can avoid conflict with people coming up for Memorial Day weekend with plans to ride and then there will be significant conflicts.     Hopefully we will be able to open by the first of June but we will have to watch the conditions.


Some trails in southern and eastern Maine will be able to open and we are planning on opening all of the rail trails for Memorial Day weekend so there will be at least some places for people to ride.    

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