Current Trail Report

As of 8/11/19

We just received the following information from Weyerhauser.

  • The Chase Pond Road will remain closed for the rest of the ATV season

  • The New Hayden Pond/Palmer Pond Road will not need to be closed this ATV season, that operations will be delayed until late fall.

  • The gravel request (Deadwater) is on hold for this season as the funds are needed on the Sunshine Loop Road, shared with the snowmobile club.


We apologize to those of you who have come to our website looking for information regarding the trail openings and closures. We realize that not everyone is one Facebook which has been our go to for posting information. We will be sure to add the info here as well.

As of 5/17/2019

The below information has come straight from the state's forester. Please be patient!

It has been a long cold and very wet spring and the result are conditions that cannot allow us to open much of the ATV trail system.   As you can see from the e-mails below all the large landowners are in agreement that we should not open any of these trails because  of the wet conditions.   Please make sure you post this message on your Websites and Facebook pages so we can avoid conflict with people coming up for Memorial Day weekend with plans to ride and then there will be significant conflicts.     Hopefully we will be able to open by the first of June but we will have to watch the conditions.


Some trails in southern and eastern Maine will be able to open and we are planning on opening all of the rail trails for Memorial Day weekend so there will be at least some places for people to ride.    

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