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Current Trail Report

September 1st

We spread 70 bails of hay on the mink brook trail. Thanks to Bill, Walter, and Kevin for the help!!! This trail will allow the northern part of bingham to reopen and gain access to the Forks. Please follow all signs as the old radar site is NOT the trail!!! This is the updated map of the area for this weekend. If you want to go to the chicken BBQ in Lexington by way of atv you can get there but you would have to leave from pleasant ridge and go to happy horse shoe and right back as everything else is closed over on that side. Have a safe and happy holidaThe Shirley tote road is now open 7 days a week. Logging is complete.y weekend.

August 24th

The Shirley tote road is now open 7 days a week. Logging is complete.

August 11th

With the heavy rains we will need to close going toward Lexington/Kingfield. This will be until the contractor can get in there and fix some washouts and for the work he has already done to dry up the expected date is 8-27 to reopen.

July 10th

We have had to close access from Embden to Pleasant Ridge again due to excessive rain damage. The only difference is the gate will remain open off the Burt Berry Rd so that those on the West Shore Rd in Embden Pond illegally accessing the trail system already, will hopefully not make a bad situation worse before we are able to fix it by still having a way out but only to the Solon Dam area.

This isn't ideal for anyone and the repair will be very expensive and we just opened it last week, but please be patient cause it is what it is. Several other clubs are in much worst shape.

We will be looking into the one alternative this week that is and old section known as the JP trail that is quite steep for a short run and may also not be an option due to all the rain we have received and are forecasted to get. If water/erosion is not an issue, we would need to replace a bridge and clear some good size trees to get it open.

If anyone is available to clear the trees from the trail so we can get a true assessment please send the club a message and maybe we can solve this sooner than later.



July 9th 

Ok folks, we have been given an update that our expected mid-season changes are basically the same, but have shifted slightly. The new trail to the Forks (west side of Deadwater) as of Monday 7/10 will be closed for approximately 3 weeks due to a logging operation. The upper section of Palmer Pond Rd (east side of Deadwater Rd) that we were planning on for 7/15 will remain closed through end of July or early August unless we are otherwise told we can open it sooner. The bad news is, this means we will have no connection to the Forks unless accessing from Shirley for roughly 3 weeks starting 7/10. The good news is, it sounds like we will have both options to get to the Forks after early August.

2023 Season Maps have been printed.  You will find them in your local business in Solon and Bingham.  Please bear with us as well will have some mid season trail changes, but otherwise we will have access to other communities. Follow us on Face Book for all updates on trail conditions and changes @moosealleyridersatvclub.


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