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Current Trail Report


Few house keeping things. Just spoke with Bob Howe from Pine Grove lodge and we will be signing a park and ride at his place. We can not thank him enough for always supporting the clubs in the area!!! Bob and Andrea have been a staple in this community for years and we can not thank them enough!!! I'm looking to get up there Friday and sign where the designated parking will be. With that being said if you are going to ride from Pleasant Ridge to Kingfield this will be the only place that you can park. The boat landing or any turnout is NOT atv unloading!!! Wardens have been notified and will take notice. Boat landings and the beach are for others to recreate not to off load your machine. There is no connection from pleasant ridge to Embden/Solon. Also there is no legal access from Embden pond to our trail system. If you would like to see that access become legal your best option would be go talk to the selectman and voice your opinion and we would love to see access but with trail work and other priorities, help in this area would be awesome from people messaging the club and asking us. We have no say and it's a town matter. So people living over there and wanting the access need to do the leg work. We will no longer tolerate negativity in the comments. Everyone is a volunteer for the club. If you feel the need to bash members or throw your dislikes for atvs and bash people you will be banned. We appreciate all landowners and the general public and try our best as volunteers with full time jobs, but for volunteers to be harassed and bashed it's going to stop!! Meeting tomorrow Thursday June 13th 6pm Solon fire dept. Hope to see you all and with the rain the riding is awesome and dust free!!


May 22nd

Would really like to thank all the landowners that have made these last two weeks easy working with the club to get major damage repaired. Thank you!! Next I would really like to thank the contractors who have worked tirelessly to get the trails open for this weekend. David Robinson trucking. Erskine trucking. J.B. property services. Paradis logging. And all the gravel pits that were utilized. I thank you!!! Glow ride is going to be a night to remember as it's shaping up to be a huge ride!!! Remember with the kennebec rail trail opening and a large number of riders please be considerate of everyone using the trail as it is a multi use trail not just an atv trail. Slow down going by others enjoying the trail as well. Ride safe ride right. Griswolds and Evergreens campground trail got a face lift along with 6 culverts, 2 bridges on other trails.

May 21st

Long post sorry... We finished up conans trail(kingsbury connection) and it came out awesome!!! Big thanks to Paradis logging and J.B. property services for taking care of this mess. Having 3-4 foot washouts down 1.2 mile of the trail and replaced 4 culverts was no easy task and their work was top notch. The gate was also installed. The landowner who was awesome to work with on this project made it a smooth process. Would also like to thank the Morgan's Bonnie and Tom for there continued support for the atv club and this community. They allow us to go through their log yard even during work hours. Please go slow and be courteous of their operations. We spread some gravel to fill in some of the bad spots on their property and are grateful for the town to have that connection. A lot of work still left to do but we will be ready for the weekend. Ride safe ride right.

2024 Season Maps have been printed.  You will find them in your local business in Solon and Bingham.  Please bear with us as well will have some mid season trail changes, but otherwise we will have access to other communities. Follow us on Face Book for all updates on trail conditions and changes @moosealleyridersatvclub.


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