Club Meetings

Meetings are always the 2nd Thursday, from April to November.

August 12th 6pm

Thursday June 10th 6pm @ 201 PowerSports

We are welcoming anyone to our meeting this Thursday with hopes of providing answers to concerns some residents have, and clarification for all!

Assuming everyone will be able to attend, we will have someone from the Dept of Conservation, Maine Warden Service, Landowner Relations, CMP and Brookfield.

All residents are welcome to attend. Please bring a chair with you as we expect quite a turnout.

The meeting will be held at 201 PowerSports in Bingham at 6pm this Thursday night.

Club meeting Thursday May 13th 6pm @ 201 PowerSports

1st Club Meeting Of The Year 2021!

Thursday April 8th 6pm @ 201 PowerSports